Update on our October workshop

Prior the official starting of our workshop (October, 26-27), there will be a half-day session where some of the member of our research team will present talks in which we will discuss the results of our research project. This will be on October 25th in the afternoon (around 15’00).

This session will count with talks by Mara Frascarelli, Antonio Fábregas, Ana Ojea, Florian Schafer, Mercedes Tubino, Vicky Camacho and Ángel Jiménez-Fernández.

You are cordially invited to join us for this session.

Anuncio publicitario

Regards from Asturias

Dear all,

This is just to let you know how I fit in the general schedule. I have just finished a paper on the structure of Modal Existential (Relative) Clauses, including some aspects of their left periphery, and presently I am reading the background references we will share. I am not totally sure of what I will do next, but I will probably focus on the information structure of sentences with raising and unaccusative verbs (both in English and in Spanish).

I hope I can count on you to solve the questions I will no doubt have.

We will keep in touch.